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  • Birdallar Deri olarak, Çin’de deri fuarındaydık..Devamı...
  • Firmamız 1983 yılında Hüseyin ve Mehmet Ali BİRDAL kardeşler tarafından Kazlıçeşme’de kurulduDevamı...
  • Birdallar Deri olarak, 25. Yıl..Devamı...

Birdallar Deri

In the year 1983, our Company was founded at Kazlıçeşme by two brothers, Hüseyin and Mehmet Ali BİRDAL, who have continued their commecial activities there until the end of 1989. In the year following, they moved out to their modern pemises, built in the Organized Leather Industry Zone in Çorlu, wherein they are still continuing their industrial activities by producing calfskins (vidala) and from time to time, finished leather for varied leather wears.


Birdallar Leather, conceived in the inereasing and perfection of its quality, has adopted itself the principle of earning a most reputable corporate identity within the Turkish Leather Industry. Within this context, collaborating the experience of the elders with the technical knowledge of the new generation under the same roof, is presenting its worldwide reknown leather products to the admiration of its customers

Speed & Quality

Our establihment has a daily processing capacity of taking 7 tons of raw bovine skins into its production. Birdallar Leather, all in all, with its competent staff consisting of 35 persons, who are each an expert in the profession, has made it a principle to ever increase all its numbers with each day spent.